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WHY Deberna? Simple, the blending of Deb and Erna. 

DEBERNA VISION: Growing Wisdom to Thrive


We are the industry leader and standard creating resources and services to support new learning and the concept of shared leadership. 

Through a coach approach leading to wise dialogue we evolve thinking and behaviour. 

We develop innovative, sustainable, and ongoing leading-edge learning systems that integrate into existing programming.

Through our work our clients become wiser and influence others to be wise.


We share our leadership and experiment with new ways of thinking.

We fully connect with and respect the natural world, being socially responsible citizens.

We are courageous, loving, playful, joyous designers and inventors.

We encourage others to freely be themselves by using their talents, intuition and spirit in their work.

We challenge ourselves with intellectual stimulation, to be seen as leaders, to be in flow and to birth new ideas.

We strive to leave a successful legacy and be accepted and recognized as influencers, inspirers, supporters, nurturers and innovative risk takers. 

We are learning and evolving as we give and receive, seeking a life and contribution of meaning and purpose.

 We create and write infrequently asked questions that have the opportunity to change cultures.

We foster the development of workplaces that are caring, compassionate, fully engaged, and functional where people are intrinsically motivated and choose to be employed.

We support communities where people honour one another, focus on others success, and forge deep connected authentic relationships.

We use our own products and services in our lives and work.

DEBERNA WORK: Exploring endless possibilities to optimize, engage and inspire people to grow their leadership through learning and coaching. We use a coach approach and self-directed learning as our primary intention. Deberna focuses on creating and publishing innovative resources, as well as licensing the Tri-namicsTM System.  

DEBERNA PURPOSE: To help organizations build stronger leadership, learning and coaching cultures so that knowledge is shared, people optimize their potential, and organizations are both healthy and profitable or effective.


Wisdom: belief in the wisdom of each individual to contribute in a meaningful way         

Innovation: creating new products, services and language

Growth: growing through coaching, leadership and learning 


Debbie Payne

Debbie Payne (MA, RODP, CDA) has a passion for helping people develop their leadership. The original Coaching Triangle concept she created fosters trusting, connected, high performing and engaged leaders and employees fostering integration that ultimately improves the learning culture. The Tri-namics resource co-created with Erna Hagge adds a peer coach approach that deepens the value for leaders and fosters a coaching culture. Debbie believes in positive constant movement and growth as an alternative to change management and builds this into her work with leaders, teams and organizations. Coming from an Appreciative Inquiry approach, Debbie looks at works well, what can we learn from this, and how can we use this learning to grow.

With 25 years experience as a facilitator, adult educator, coach, consultant, writer, speaker, presenter and dental professional, Debbie works authentically with clients to achieve excellence. She is the owner of DP Leadership Associates and a founding partner of Deberna Coaching International. Through Debbie's recent work at Terasen Gas Inc. as a Senior Specialist, Leadership and Organizational Development she created innovative leadership and professional development programming. Her clients are executives, managers, students, professionals, and people who want to shine in the world today.

Debbie is a continual learner with a variety of undergraduate learning in the fields of science, dentistry, management, organizational behavior and adult education. She earned her MA in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in 2000, has a graduate Management Certificate from University of Western Ontario, a certificate in Organizational Behaviour from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, and a variety of undergraduate work in science and adult education. Her early career foundation began as a licensed Certified Dental Assistant.

Constantly learning from each other, Debbie and her husband bask in the love of their daughter Emily, son David, and daughter-in-law Sarah in the lovely town of Tsawwassen, BC, Canada.

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Erna Hagge

Erna Hagge (CEC, EM, HRM), What is your personal do you want to be seen? This is the focus of Erna’s work with her clients whether organizationally or individually. She is also known as an innovator with a focus on building fully engaged workplaces and lives. Erna specializes in integrating a coach approach into her tailored training programs for clients. Her strength workshops reinforce her belief that excellence is attained through building on personal and organizational strengths. The Professional Profile Development Systemę she developed supports people to direct their own professional development resulting in self engagement.

Erna’s experience of over 25 years in human resources management in three major organizations and numerous clients encompasses coaching, organizational and personal development, employee relations, recruitment, training, facilitation, and business development. She works with clients who strive to excel. Erna is the founder and leader of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Coaching Services Program. Her work on the UBC Coaching Pilot and corresponding research work gives Erna a leading edge in understanding and building coaching cultures. In this role she supports the development of UBC coaches and their contribution to one of British Columbia’s largest workforces. Erna is the principal of Personal Profile International, co-owner in Deberna Coaching International, and teaches the international “Excelerator Coaching Program.
She is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and graduate of the Royal Roads Executive Coaching Program, Erna has an Executive Management Certificate from the University of British Columbia, a degree in Retail Management from University of Manitoba and a Human Resources Certificate from British Columbia Institute of Technology.
Born in Germany, residing in Vancouver, BC she shares her life with her husband of 40 years, Bernie. She is blessed with three perfect grandchildren, her son Michael, daughter-in-law Barbara , loving parents and family, and many wise friends.

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