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Two great Tri-namics resources:
Leadership Wisdom for the Health System, customized for health professionals and aligned with LEADS in a Caring Environment, Canada's new national health leadership development framework.
Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom, our standard resource for leadership development for leaders in community, organizations, businesses, government, and industries.
Read what a few folks have to say:

“Coaching triangles provide an ideal opportunity to discuss workplace challenges and ideas with other UOW professionals. It is beneficial to learn from others’ experience as well as sharing alternate perspectives on how to deal with such challenges – all within a confidential environment. Highly recommended!”  
Phil Testa, Senior Project Manager, IT Portfolios, University of Wollongong, Australia

“The Coaching Triangles were a new concept but have proved to be a wonderful aspect of my job! I love the security of this group in allowing each of us to discuss, question, reflect and develop ideas to improve our performance with complete confidentiality. The level of trust is quite powerful and empowering. I would also like to add that having a professional facilitator was a critical step as I don't believe we would have evolved so quickly or sustained our momentum. The process is both structured and free forming which suits all parties and keeps the group moving forward not getting lost in navel-gazing.”  
Fran Walder, ARD, University of Wollongong, Australia

“I find the greatest benefit to be the opportunity to discuss cross functional issues. Whilst we often feel like our concerns are unique to us the coaching experience has shown me many of the challenges I am facing are consistent with those being faced by other areas of the University. Furthermore the experience has continued to show the inter-connected nature of projects, initiatives and challenges at UOW and how the threads of all our work are intertwined and pulling at your end will ultimately pull another person as well.”  
Richelle Hilton, Director, Performance Indicator Unit, University of Wollongong, Australia

"A remarkable 'must have' resource for the emerging health care leader, current managers and health executives alike." 
Paul Gallant, CHE, PhD (candidate), MHK, BREC(TR,  Gallant Healthworks and Associates.

"Tri-namics is an incredibly powerful tool providing a path to personal mastery"
Marilynn Kendall, RN, BScN, MALT, CEC-ACC, Endless Possibilities Executive Coaching and Consulting

Debbie Payne, Erna Hagge, Paul Gallant and Marilynn Kendall

"In this day and age of instant digital communication where we have lost touch with personal and thoughtful communication, Tri-namics brings everything back into perspective."
Steve Whiteside, MA, RCC, PhD ( candidate), Owner of the Franchise Leadership Center and Coach with Steve

Debbie Payne, Steve Whiteside, Erna Hagge

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"I am excited to introduce this integrated resource for coaching self and others into my daily practice inside the health care environment."
John Van Aerde, MD, MA,PhD, FRCPC Regional Divisional Head Neonatology

Erna Hagge, Johny Van Aerde, Debbie Payne

"Working with Tri-namics allowed our Family Practice staff and physicians to recharge and refocus on our main goal fo providing quality primary health care."
Martin Louis Ray, MD, Physician, View Medical Family Practice, Lead on Delta Division of Family Practice

Erna Hagge, Martin Ray, Debbie Payne

"I am just delighted to see our colleagues at Tri-namics take a tried and true coaching resource book, and map it onto the LEADS framework.  I will be suing it at our sessions and intend to recommend its use in the growing efforts to bring LEADS to life."
Bill Tholl, MA, BA Founding Executive Director, Canadian Health Leadership Network

"An evolutionary step in leader development, a workbook that provides an easy to follow roadmap in the development of an effective leader using coaching philosophies."
Rommel Catalan, RPN. ADPM, BPN, Senior Case Manager, Forensic Psychiatric Regional Clinic

"A process and way of thinking to establish higher order working relationships..."
Angela Spencer, BScN, RN, RM, Clinical Education Coordinator, Univeristy of BC

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