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Power of One

Synergy and magic of the mindful presence of three key elements: Mind, Body, Spirit




Synergy and magic of the mindful presence of three key elements: mind, body, spirit

Tri-namics is the power of three

forces activating

endless possibilities


 Enhanced with 3 Program Offerings:


 The Art of Self-directed Learning

 The Art of Self-directed Leadership

 The Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue



    Debbie Payne, MA and Erna

    Hagge, CEC are leading edge

    organizational development

    professionals who have each

    created innovative award-winning

    programs. Collectively they have 50+  

    years of people development expertise.

Self-directed personal development for professional growth and self-coaching

The joys of self-directed development include personal growth, self-coaching, internal learning and reflection, professional development, and leadership exploration.

Why would you use Tri-namics?

For short-bursts of focused learning at your fingertips when you need it

To learn at your own pace and in your own way

Access to provocative questions that deepen awareness and grow inner wisdom

For enhancing performance, becoming wiser and more self-aware

To think outside the box, get rid of the box, or address goals and challenges


What is in Tri-namics that will support you?

Tools, questions and frameworks integrating the Payne Leadership Model of Action, Reflection and Innovation

Coaching model, assessment, and sample questions built on the “Art of Fully Engaged Dialogue” to help you self-coach.

A Charter to define your goals and successes, creating a self-directed learning plan

Leading professional and self-development resources at your fingertips

Over 100 exercises and assessments to help you move towards your goals or guide you into action 

More than 333 questions to increase your self-awareness and tap into your leadership wisdom


How might you use Tri-namics? 

Use it to create your own self-directed leadership program and self-coach

Use it as a daily resource  to define or reflect on your intention or focus

Start with the Goal Mapping exercise or complete your Charter

Use it as a resource for team meetings, projects and relationship enhancement

Use it as a resource for experimenting with new ideas and extending learning from formal programs

Use it as a leadership, adult learning, and coaching information resource

Use evaluations to monitor progress


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