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The 2009 edition of Tri-namicsTM, plus our new 2012 custom edition of health professionals, provides opportunities for individuals for self-development, mentoring/coaching partners and teams as well as Coaching Triangles for learning, peer coaching and leadership development.  
Examples of organizations where Tri-namicsTM books have been introduced, either through a project or simply to a few people, include:

Terasen Gas Inc.
University of British Columbia
University of British Columbia-Okanagan
Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
BC Interior Health
Fraser Health
BC Women's and Children's Hospital
Riverview Hospital
BC Audiologists Early Hearing Program
RCMP Kelowna
Leadership Vancouver
Vancouver Community College
University of Wolllongong, Australia
Principals and Vice Principals in Coquitlam, BC
Coast Capital Savings
Capilano University
City of Richmond
Tsawwassen Wellness Center
Fitwells Fitness Centers
View Medical Center
Shpak & Company
Midwifery- University of BC
Gateway Theatre 
System-wide individual coaches, consultants, trainers
You can also find Tri-namicsTM books in other parts of Canada, as well as places such as Australia, Denmark, Germany, Nevada, New York, Florida, Seattle, and California.
Coaching Triangles were first implemented at Terasen Gas Inc., Vancouver, BC Canada in 2002 where they were first piloted and the Tri-namics resource had its roots.   Then introduced to University of BC in 2003. The first resource was published by Deberna International in 2006, Tri-namicsTM Coaching Triangle System.  The second resource published in 2009 is Tri-namicsTM: Provocative Questions for Leadership Wisdom.  In 2011 we are working on a third resource, Tri-namicsTM for LEADS in a Caring Environment for the Canadian Healthcare system.


"Capilano University includes Tri-namicsTM on their list of resources as one that can help extend the learning from the their well-respected MATI Programs" Alison McNeil,Capliano University

"With Erna and Debbie's facilitation we customized a leadership development program based on the coaching triangle model, to meet a broad range of employees' needs and experiences."
Rob Henderson, Vice President, Human Resources, Vancouver Community College

"Coaching triangles provided a unique growth opportunity enhanced by colleagues' sharing of insights, ideas and experiences." Sandy Moss, VCC Project Participant

"In my own Coaching Triangle we explored and clarified in a candid manner, our leadership strengths and weaknesses. The dialogue allowed each of us to look into the mirror and see the reflection more clearly of how others see us as leaders. the greatest value of Coaching Triangles is that they create the opportunity to practice leadership skills in a non-threatening environment."
Daryle Britton, Vice President, Human Resources,Terasen Gas Inc.

"Both my Coaching Triangle parnters had much more experience in coaching than I did and held more senior positions. I thought this would be a challenge for me. Far from being intimidating it was a wonderful equalizing experience. Each time we met I came away centered, anchored, and ready to go on. Although I have the privilege of having great supportive people in my career, this triangle provided an environment like no other in building my success."
Linda Kompauer, Human Resource Manager, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia

“I find the greatest benefit to be the opportunity to discuss cross functional issues. Whilst we often feel like our concerns are unique to us the coaching experience has shown me many of the challenges I am facing are consistent with those being faced by other areas of the University. Furthermore the experience has continued to show the inter-connected nature of projects, initiatives and challenges at Univeristy of Wollongong and how the threads of all our work are intertwined and pulling at your end ultimately will pull another person as well.”    Richelle Hilton, SMART Infrastructure

“The Coaching Triangles were a new concept but have proved to be a wonderful aspect of my job! I love the security of this group in allowing each of us to discuss, question, reflect and develop ideas to improve our performance with complete confidentiality. The level of trust is quite powerful and empowering. I would also like to add that having a professional facilitator was a critical step as I don't believe we would have evolved so quickly or sustained our momentum. The process is both structured and free forming which suits all parties and keeps the group moving forward not getting lost in navel gazing. Fran Walder, ARD

“Coaching triangles provide an ideal opportunity to discuss workplace challenges and ideas with other UOW professionals. Is beneficial to learn from others’ experience as well as sharing alternate perspectives on how to deal with such challenges – all within a confidential environment. Highly Recommended.” Phil Testa, Commerce

"Since I began participating in a coaching triangle, magic in my life, have gone up, yet another level. This work is simply fun, easy and powerful. On a scale from zero to ten, I am 9.5 excited about the value I get from the triangle work. I can strongly recommend this work, it helps me perform 112%."
Lars Mygind, Peakstates Trainer, Emotional Transformation Expert

"Im impressed with the power of the Coaching Triangle System and how easy it is to read and use Tri-Namics. It's the perfect tool for any person or business interested in cultivating genius and maximizing intellectual capital!"
Philip Johncock, Award-Winning Author & Genius Coach


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